Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai

Avesh K Tyagi is presently heading the Nuclear & Energy Material Section, Chemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai, and is also a Senior Professor (Chemistry) and Dean-Academic (Chemical Sciences) at Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai. His research interests are in the field of nanomaterials, functional materials and nuclear materials. He has been conferred with a number of prestigious awards such as DAE-Homi Bhabha Science and Technology Award, MRSI Medal; CRSI Bronze Medal; Gold Medal of Indian Nuclear Society; Rajib Goyal Prize in Chemical Sciences; DAE-SRC Outstanding Researcher Award; CRSI-Prof. CNR Rao National Prize for Chemical Sciences; ISCB Excellence Award in Chemical Sciences; MRSI-ICSC Materials Science Senior Award; Metallurgist of the Year award; CRSI-Silver Medal and MRSI-CNR Rao Prize. He is a Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences; Royal Society of Chemistry; National Academy of Sciences, India; Indian Academy of Sciences (2013) and Asia Pacific Academy of Materials (FAPAM).


SESSION 1D: Symposium: Materials of Today and Tomorrow

A K Ganguli, IIT Delhi

Rational design of materials with tailored functionalities View Presentation

New functional materials, with tailored functionalities, can be designed by interplay of synthesis and crystallographic structures. Of late, the focus of research has been shifted to multi-functional materials, i.e., the materials that can possess two or more synergistic or antagonistic functionalities. The synthesis of such materials has been a challenge and also an opportunity to chemists. The speaker and his team have prepared several new functional materials guided by crystallographic approach coupled with novel synthesis protocols. Some materials which will be discussed include RE1–xCexCrO3 (materials with tunable band gap and magnetic properties), CeScO3, Ce2Zr2O7+x (oxygen storage capacitors), tunable-dielectrics in hexagonal-ABO3 systems and several lead free relaxor materials. The talk will focus on the role of synthesis, novel properties exhibited by these functional materials, and their crystallographic correlation.

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